Hospital Bag Check List

Having you hospital bag packed ready is a very sensible choice so it can just be picked up ready to go when you go into labour... You do not want to be in labour and running around trying to put it together as you will no doubt forget something important!

Even if having a home birth I would have these ready for two reasons 1) It is all ready in one place but also 2) If it doesn’t go to plan and you have to go to hospital last minute it is all ready to grab and go.

There are LOTS of things you will need to take with you to the hospital and I suggest from experience two bags is the best – one for you and one for baby (Instead of one huge one and you end up digging around in baby grows looking for a drink!) ...

It is hard to know what you will need and lots of lists say contradicting things. With my first baby I did lots of research and printed loads of lists and took elements of different ones and put them together I ended up taking far too much.. I kept my list and had learnt by my second so adapted it and made a new list, this list was then tweaked and used with my third.

After lots of conversations with new mums and mums to be it seems I was not the only one struggling with this. Therefore it gave me the idea to create a downloadable list, with it all in one place.. So here is my list I put together and adapted from learning with my first three babies… Please feel free to adapt/add/cross out bits for you.pregnancy hospital bag check list


It works really well if you use the baby changing baby for babies bag.

I found it easier to put the things for after the birth in the bottom of the bag

I personally would put your going home clothes in the baby changing bag if there is a separate compartment or big enough


Hope it helps :-)

Lisa-Marie -x-